In 1988 Elizabeth enrolled in a pottery class taught by Jim Romberg at SOU. Elizabeth had done some work as a teenager with Mike Selfridge in Cresent City, California and was interested in taking the class with Mark . She was a quick study and helped Mark learn enough to be able teach his class. For valentine's day Mark bought Elizabeth a kick wheel made out of a man hole cover, for $15. Both went to their first SOU Christmas fair that year where Elizabeth had eight pottery bowls for sale. It had been her first 'sell out' and she was hooked. Elizabeth bought a used wheel and kiln and the rest is as they say, pottery. Twenty some years and tens of thousands of pots later and she is pottery machine. Elizabeth has outfitted restaurants, coffee shops, bagel shops, large produce displays in grocery stores, sports trophies and awards for major local and regional sports events and has pots in thousands of homes around the world. She just keeps,cranking them out, turning mud into highly functional, super beautiful everyday ware to be used and enjoyed for generations.

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